My Closet Disclosed

As I  woke up and I glanced to my left and caught a view of my closet. I started to wonder about all that the closet held and hid; from the articles too large to hide under my bed to clothes that fit too tight though remain there hanging in hopes of once again to drape my body.

What  would the closet disclose about my personality and or my emotional state(s).  What would it say about the memorable I wish not to discard? With my curiosity piqued I began to explore. I know that eating is often influenced by emotional states.   Comfort foods, in particular,  simply makes us feel happy if only for a moment. The reward region of our brain is activated by these energy-dense, high fat and sweets similar to the activation of addiction. Back to our closet. For the most part my clothes are categorized by color, article, and size. Blouses hang with blouses, dresses with dresses, skirts with skirts….you get the idea. What could this or does this say about my personality or emotional states? I first took on what my closet would say about my emotions.

Emotions are evaluations about ones perspective in  having  goals met or and or experiencing a sense of satisfaction. In the Psychology of colors, colors impact one’s  mental and emotional states. Thereby, if colors affect our emotional and mental states would we not be drawn to purchase certain color of clothes more so than others because of the impact upon our moods. Let’s explore. Black is reflect authority, strength, intelligence and grief.  Blue is a chill color lowering blood pressure and emanating confidence. Although blue can come across as uncaring or cold.  Brown is like Linus’ blanket bringing  comfort and reliability. Green is easy on the eyes and gives  off a sense of happiness, fertility and health. Orange is like your best friend happy to hang out together. Purple demands respect, reflects prosperity, and is the exotic color. Red like the fire raises blood pressure and is exciting!  White is homey and sterile. Let’s not forget yellow. Yellow plays with our emotions, so use only in small doses. Pink gives off a sense of romance, a calmness and gentleness. Real men can wear pink by the way. I gaze over my color schemes and notice the blues and the browns with splashes of green and red trying to make a breakthrough.  So, I’m confident, reliable and trying to capture happiness and passion.

Moving on, what does my closet disclose about my personality. Keeping it simple I stayed with the basic three types of personalities, A, B and D. I don’t know what happened to C.

The A type personality types are individuals who are competitive and overachievers. People in this category have a difficult time knowing how to relax and stop to smell the roses because they are focused on the end result and or the goal.  Clothes for Type A are meant to  make a bold statement and  to be noticed. They have outfits for every occasion and the right outfit at that! Type B individuals are not in rush and take things as they come.  They are very creative with their wardrobe as they are freethinkers and expressive. They pick up whatever is on the floor and make it work. Their wardrobe is filled with  casual comfortable, and easy to care for clothes.Type D, poor type D. Individuals in this type are the worriers. Their lives are filled with much negativity as evidenced by their irritability, keeping to themselves and limited with their emotional expression. Their  glass is half empty.  Type D closet  are filled with classic pieces because it worked then it should work now. Staying with the tried and true takes away some of life’s anxieties. I glance in my closet and sigh relief; my  closet shouts out I am a mixture of type A and B.  In full disclosure,  depending on my frame of mind  I did purchase certain items. which takes us to what my closet says about my emotional states.

Memorabilia stored in my closet are treasures which cannot be discarded. My oldest daughter in preschool made a little girl out of a coffee filter and named the filter Sarah. Months later her sister was born and her name…Sarah. Who can throw the coffee filter away? Or the first hand written card by a grandchild that reads, ” I love you Nana.” These highly sentimental objects which stir the heart and or  capture an important event have a right to be treasured.

What’s does your closet say about you? Embrace the experience of looking into your closet. If you like what you see enjoy. If you find that your closet is not representing the person you long to be take the challenge and make a change pressing on to live your best life yet!

Salus Vita



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