The Art of Today

Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow never comes. For today is today and not tomorrow. Now yesterday’s exist and often attempt to haunt our today.

Today. What experiences await us today that will not be allowed to come into fruition because we allow our tomorrows to taint our hopes and aspirations? We allow our past to not only inform our present; much more, we allow our past to dictate our future. We allow the hurt and pain to be the canvas of which we paint we our lives. We become the pain, the disappoint, the failure.

Our past is comprised of memories. These memories complied together give the basis to our personal narratives. Some memories bring joy while others wrought pain. Interesting that most often our painful memories appear to inform us most as opposed to the happy memories. The primary reason for that processing is that as human being we desire to avoid pain as much as possible so we remember as to not forget.

What we do forget is that we are not our pain, disappointment or failures. One of my Grad Professors at A & M University, Tonya Perry would say those times are growth opportunities. So we took chance and found out that perhaps it just didn’t work and so we now know how not to do XYZ. We trusted and that trust was violated; yet I learned so much about myself and others. We loved and we were not loved in return; yet, I am a better person for loving. I sacrificed to only be rejected or the sacrifice was not received with gratitude. In that case I can never have the regret of not living true to self and miss the experience of giving unconditionally. Each of us are survivors and resilient beyond our own belief. We are living testimonies.

We will always have Nay Sayers. Despite those individuals today I will live out my best life yet, the best life I know to live. Today I will allow the past to inform my present though I will not allow my past to dictate my future. I will not allow the sexual abuse, the intimate partner violence or the abandonment to mar the treasures of today. I will not lived today waiting for tomorrow for tomorrow never comes. Today I will trust in my Soul Mate and the gift of love that my higher power has bestowed upon my life.

Memories can be rewritten. It only takes changing our perspective and the courage to live today!

Salus Vita

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