Moving On

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

Families, are an odd breed. They come in different shapes, sizes, and with opinions. Often, and more often then desired their opinions  are what stings the most as the family appears to  spare no sentiments in expressing their disappointment through verbal and or non verbal expressions. Their  standpoints are often felt as  forms of rejection.  The type of rejection which penetrates  so deeply into the  soul that ones self efficacy begins to wane. Yearning for the sense of approval  and love I find myself, yet again, living for them and losing self.   Do I not have voice?  Do my desires and dreams not have value?  Do I not have a right to be happy or take chances to prosper or even fail? I have awaken.   I have chosen the path less traveled.

What would a family be like if we embraced one other aside from preconceived perspectives?  A family in where love is unconditionally offered and  unreservedly received. Where each individual is respected inclusive of their choices or lifestyles.  At times I have caught  glimpses of that love only to have  the impression erased by my loved ones discontented approval. In the past, I would allow their influence to shift my moods as I would strive to earn their love though deeds for I felt they had chosen to stop listening.  As I practiced my state of awareness through meditation I began to loosen the grips of acceptance and began to allow myself to live outside the constraints of approval. I  understanding for love to blossom it must be rooted from   within the reservoir of the soul.  Resentment, un-forgiveness, and prejudice drain the reservoir. I will keep my reservoir filled. I have chosen the path less traveled.

I had been traveling down the  road through the woods on a path of which I had perceived to be my only option.  The road seemed so familiar as I began my journey; senses  of unhappiness, unauthentic, and the stifling air often had be gasping for air; yet, I trudged on to the contentment of the others.  My life began to feel inanimate without passion. Oh, I was doing good job; yet, my inner self was fading. Not by chance I met sojourners on the road. At some undisclosed point to me they had begun to look for another road as their lives had become spiritless. Our lives converged and together we grew courageous to venture off the  familiar path and down a different path that would lead us out of the woods.  I have chosen the path less traveled.

As I left the familiar path onto the path less trodden I have encountered a vast wide world full of life and love.  Today, what I do not allow others to do is mandate what road I shall travel.  I may ask others for their input then assess the discoveries. I choose my path. Today, I can live in a world  in which I can dance, dare to dream, I can have partner, and share my story.  I have chosen the path less traveled.

In my Poly Anna new birth world, I choose to believe  good things will happen despite growth opportunities  or our troubled political state. I choose to find goodness in all things in the midst of ashes.  Habits of self compassion, meditation,  along with my mantra .”All things are as they should be” propel me forward to live my bests life it!  So much to  explore and experience! So much to embrace!  I have chosen the road less traveled

Salus Vita